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Join our Team!

If you just don't have the time to mentor, you can still help:

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You can help by Finding Support - attend public meetings, arrange meetings with community and civic leaders you know and seek their support for Oakland Serves. You might help maintain the Contact List and the Newsletter Distribution List. You might be asked to help secure speakers when they are needed. 

You can work on Publicity by helping with the website or the newsletter, helping us draft and distribute news releases, and by distributing our posters and helping prepare new ones as needed. 


 You can work on Mentor Recruitment directly, seeking more volunteers among your friends and acquaintances and helping potential mentors move through their background clearance and their trainings.

You can work on Fundraising to support our mentors and maintain essential staff.   This means working on finding appropriate foundations as well as individual donors from all domains, joining the work of keeping track of donations, and yes, making donations yourself. 

Does this appeal to you?  Then please use the following form to say what kind of help you would most like to give and what your relevant experience has been and submit to us.  We will answer you very soon!

Help spread the word by sharing our flyer!

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