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Mentor #10

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Mentor #10 with mentee BX

Date of meeting: 10/26/18


Unfortunately, BX did not attend Ms. Y’ Period 5 English class at 8:30 am.  I stayed for the class period. The assignment was to write an essay on Elie Wiesel’s novel Night.  I helped another student XXX (not sure on spelling). I helped her work on her outline for her essay, going over essay structure and finding quotes from the book to support her thesis statements. I worked with XXX because I asked if she wanted help and she said yes, while the other students [sentence ends here!]


After class I spoke with Ms. Y briefly. She suggested I move around to more students during the period as opposed to working with just one. I agreed to try and help more students next week if BX is absent.

Thank you.



Date of meeting: 11/02/18


BX was not present for Ms. Y’s Period 5 English class at 8:30 am.  I spoke with Ms. Y and she said that she spoke with BX’s mother. BX’s mother said she had dropped BX off at school the morning of the 26th. So it seems that BX was at school that day but did not show up for her class.


I stayed for period 5 English and helped the other students in class. It was the final day of the marking period so the class was a free work period for the students to work on any of the assignments they had yet to complete. There was also an artistic assignment assigned during class. The students who had completed all their previous assignments were to complete during class. The other students were allowed until Monday to complete it if needed.


I helped a few students with ideas for their artistic project. I also helped XXX with her final essay, which was nice to read after helping her with the outline last week. I also helped another student with his essay outline. After the period ended I and few other students stayed late and I continued to help them. Ms. Y unfortunately could not remain after class long.


Unfortunately, I will be out of the country for the next two Fridays (Nov. 9 and 16).  I feel like the students are just starting to warm up to my presence in the class and I feel like my absence could reverse that progress.

Thank you.



Date of meeting: 11/30/18


BX was not present for Ms. Y’s Period 5 English class at 8:30 am. Ms. Y was not at class and the class was substitute taught by Ms. Smith.


I stayed for Period 5 English and helped the other students in class. The students were working on an assignment based off of a PowerPoint presentation and it was mostly a self-directed assignment. I offered to help students around the class but most were uninterested in my help due to the nature of the assignment.

A few students requested help with explanation of the questions in relation to the PowerPoint or on how to access the PowerPoint. I feel like the students are starting to warm up to my presence in the class even after my two-week absence. I am disappointed that BX has not showed interest in my assistance but I am definitely still open to working with her if she so wishes. Alternatively, if I were to be assigned to help another student I would hope it may be another in Ms. Y’s English class. But I am very open to helping any student looking for assistance with graduating high school.



Date of Meeting: 12/07/18


BX was not present for Ms. Y’s Period 5 English class at 8:30am. The students listened to a short story read by Ms. Y then worked on a worksheet and took a quiz on the reading. I helped a few of the students with answering the worksheets. I enjoyed helping the students.



Date of Meeting: 12/14/18


I attended BX’s Period 6 Chemistry class at 10:15am. I sat down at one of the desks and BX came in just after the start of class and walked up to me. We introduced ourselves and I asked her if she had the worksheet the teacher was going over. She did not and quickly went up front to pick up a copy. I helped BX with the answers to the worksheet. This was the final class before finals week so the worksheet was a review of what they had studied during the term.


BX was a pleasure to work with. She was very attentive and was interested in learning the material. She had trouble seeing the answers on the overhead projector and she had no problem asking the teacher for a copy of the material to take to her desk so she could see the answers. BX seemed to have a good relationship with the Chemistry teacher and he was very willing to help her when she asked questions.


BX seemed to have a decent grasp of the material and I believe she will do well on her final if she studies the materials that were covered in today’s class. I tried to give her practical advice regarding preparing for a test. She took my advice to make herself a reminder about the final’s date, time and location. At the end of the class I asked BX if she wanted any help with her English homework or anything else. She politely declined. I asked her if she would like to work with me next term and she said yes. I hope I can work with her next term.

Interested in mentoring for Oakland Serves?

We ask all our mentors to submit a weekly mentoring report to track the progress of their mentee(s). Here are excerpts from a few of those reports. 


All names have been anonymized and assigned to a number (i.e. Mentor #1) or random two letter initials. 

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