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Mentor #8

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Mentor #8 with mentee KB

Date of Meeting:    11/5/18


This was the first time I met KB, in his English class, which he was not expecting.  He appears to be kind, quiet and focused.


We did not have time to really connect as a state-wide-test was administered during the majority of the class period.  The class has a large number of outspoken students and the teacher is excited to have me in the class to help out in the future.  I look forward to getting to know KB and working with him.  This was the first day of a new marking period.



Date of Meeting:   11/26/18


During English, I helped KB, as well as his tablemates, with identifying the mood and tone in different passages as well playing English “Jeopardy” with the class. It’s been helpful to just motivate him, and his tablemates, with simple tasks...


The teacher mentioned a reading assignment for Wednesday and a test on Monday, December 3rd.  Per my request, she has forwarded me the short story, which I will read and be prepared to discuss with him before class starts on Monday.


Thus far, it doesn’t appear he needs a great deal of help with English, so I asked if there were other subjects he felt he could benefit from additional help.   He mentioned Chemistry so we are going to meet early (before English starts) to review Chemistry.



Date of Meeting:    12/03/18


Today, the test was rescheduled due to Intel’s experiential tour, Tech Learning Lab, where students and teachers have the opportunity to experience virtual reality demos.  This took up the majority of the class period, so we had only a few minutes to review the short story and questions potentially on the test.

Per my request, he provided me with his mother’s cell phone number (as he said his did not work) in order for me to touch base prior to the test on Thursday.



Date of Meeting:    12/10/18


We were informed only 10 students passed last week’s test, KB being one of them, receiving an 84%!


The entire class period was dedicated to finishing a homework assignment, reading a Roald Dahl short story and answering a series of questions.  We were able to complete 95% of it in the class and he is to complete at home and input answers into Google Classroom. After mentioning that I would like to touch base with him throughout the week to ensure he completes his work, as well as discuss the essays for the final, he provided me with his cellphone number.  (Last week he told me he didn’t have a number and gave me his mother’s).


I will be reaching out to him throughout the week, checking in on deliverables.



Date of Meeting:    1/14/19 and 1/28/19


In his English class, this semester is focused around writing essays, as the majority of the class failed the final, which was an essay assignment.


On January 14th, 2019, I worked with KB to pick a topic and start a rough outline. In addition, I helped a few other students at the table with selecting a topic.  I have noticed that the students at KB’s table have a sense of confidence participating in class when I am there as they prefer to confirm their answers with me before raising their hands. It’s exciting to see their enthusiasm from participation.


This past Monday, January 28th, I asked permission to work with KB outside of the classroom, so we could make more progress on his essay.  Essay writing appears to be new for him and very overwhelming, so he has been avoiding the process in class when I am not there. In addition to his classroom time, we have been having 1-2 calls a week to obtain an update on his progress and work his assignment.  I then follow up with text messages throughout the week, reminding and encouraging him to complete assignments, and turn them in.


I reached out to his teacher this weekend and found out he did not turn in his essay which was due on Thursday so the three of us will sit down tomorrow to figure out a plan.

Interested in mentoring for Oakland Serves?

We ask all our mentors to submit a weekly mentoring report to track the progress of their mentee(s). Here are excerpts from a few of those reports. 


All names have been anonymized and assigned to a number (i.e. Mentor #1) or random two letter initials. 

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