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Mentors Wanted For Skyline High


A publication of Oakland Serves Vol. 1 Issue 5

MENTORS WANTED FOR SKYLINE HIGH This fall Skyline High School will begin our pilot program using mentors provided by Oakland Serves. As past readers know, ours is a program designed exclusively for students identified by teachers and administrators as at risk of dropping out, and we have been working a long time to find a school willing to give it a test. Now we have that school. Skyline will introduce the program in the Pathway of courses devoted to Community Health and Education, under the direction of James Barbuto. Mr. Barbuto and other Skyline teachers and administrators will select students who clearly need such a program, and ask them to sign on. Oakland Serves will provide trained mentors, work with the school to determine matches (mentor to mentee) and help coordinate the program. Records will be kept and improvements made.

MENTORS FOR MCCLYMONDS HIGH SCHOOL Oakland Serves is also meeting with key leaders at McClymonds who are interested in our program. These discussions are just beginning, but it does seem possible we will be able to begin a second pilot at this school as well. If that comes to pass, we will definitely need a larger corps of trained mentors.

MENTORS FOR OAKLAND Our pilots are intended to be tests for the future. We believe Oakland owes all its students the best possible education, and that the citizens of Oakland have a vital role to play in helping teachers and administrators to achieve that goal. We think it is good to complain when this is not done, but even better to find a way to help make the change that is needed. Oakland Serves works for the day when all the children who enter the Oakland Unified School District receive what they need to stay in the system and earn their high school diplomas, well prepared to take the next step to college or career.

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