Help High School Students Who Need Support to Stay in School and Graduate.

Our program is designed for high school students identified by teachers and counselors as most at risk of dropping out. It provides them with weekly one-on-one academic mentoring and positive encouragement. We work cooperatively with teachers and administrators and there is no charge to the school. Our mentors are fully trained and cleared. 

Our mission is to contribute to Oakland becoming a city where every student graduates from high school and is well prepared to continue school or begin productive employment.

We strive to include the voices of the community we serve. The needs of the student are always considered first. We respect and value diversity.

Our Mission


Oakland Serves

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Mentor A Student

Mentors are volunteers who help with school work, encourage students to identify their interests, listen carefully, talk about opportunities, and consult with coordinators about possible help for serious problems. They help build the student’s confidence and motivation to graduate and to pursue an appropriate future in college and/or career. They share their own experiences, if these are likely to be relevant and encouraging. They never forget to listen.

Oakland Serves stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement

against police brutality and institutional racism. 


"It has been a pleasure to partner with Oakland Serves for a second year. The common value Oakland High and Oakland Serves has is the importance of caring and supportive relationships. Oakland Serve has provided a group of mentors to consistently connect with our students, meet them where they are at, and provides a journey to support students socially, emotionally, and academically."

— Rany Ath, Community School Manager

EBAYC Director of SHOP 55 Wellness Center, Oakland High School