If you would prefer to send a personal or cashier's check directly to our organization, you can address it to the following mailing address:  P.O. Box 19317, Oakland, CA 94619


Either way, you will get an official THANK YOU for tax deduction purposes. 

Thank you for your interest and contribution to Oakland Serves today. 


Oakland Serves is moving forward!  

Since our video (see below) was made, we have placed 13 mentors into a third high school,

and now have 25 mentors, trained and cleared,  hard at work.  

We still need help to reach (and surpass) that goal of 40.

We have expanded our donor list and if you gave last year, we are asking again.  

But this campaign is different.  

We are not working through an agency that takes a cut and we will not send you multiple nagging letters:

we ask only twice and we are combining lists to avoid duplications. 

Please check out the video.  

Please give to Oakland Serves.

*Only available through certain workplace employers. Employers offers 100% matching grant to your contribution. Check in with your employer today to see if they are partnered with Benevity, Inc.  

**Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charities selected by customers.

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