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Seeking Academic Mentors for Oakland High Schools – Fall 2023

Oakland Serves is dedicated to helping high school students graduate.  Our volunteers have been mentoring high school students, in the classroom and in the school since 2018 and are preparing to support Oakland in the fall 2023.  High school is a challenging time for all teenagers and we focus on those students that are having trouble keeping up with academics or have already lost credits and need to recover.  Our support can be the difference between graduation and dropping out.

We work informally with individuals and small groups of students.  Our presence allows students to focus, to get through barriers of misunderstanding and to receive immediate feedback.  Mentors encourage students to speak, to ask questions and to collaborate with others.  We can provide a calming presence in a classroom and allow a teacher to be more effective. 

Anyone (over 18) can be a mentor.  We have retirees, college students, working adults that can fit a few extra hours into their schedules and Oakland parents that know the challenges. 

Fall 2023 semester starts August 7.  We are seeking volunteer mentors that are interested in helping in one class period per week (1.5 hrs) preferably starting the second week of school.

We expect to need mentors to support the following subjects:

  • Algebra 1

  • Geometry

  • Algebra 2

  • English 1 and 2

  • World History

  • American History and Gov’t

  • Biology and/or Chemistry


Tentatively we will be in the following schools in the fall (subject to change):

  • Oakland High School

  • Castlemont High School (regular and academic recovery classes)

  • Madison Park High School

  • McClymonds High School (academic recovery classes)

  • Dewey Academy

School schedules vary by school but there will likely be opportunities for most periods of the day. 


It typically takes 3-4 weeks to become qualified to be a mentor.  Complete an Expresssion of Interest now!

  • You will be contacted for an interview and signed up for a one-time training session.

  • In addition, you will need to provide fingerprints (DOJ) and proof of TB test and Covid vaccination for verification.


“Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.” – William James

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