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You Can Make A Difference

Mentor A HIgh School Student !

What does an Oakland Serves Mentor do?

1:1 Mentors

Volunteer to go into class once a week or work after school with a matched high school student who is struggling academically.  The mentor helps the student overcome the barriers to their academic success and put them on the path to graduation.  Help with school work, with organization, or even with improving attendance to make a difference in the life of the student.

Classroom mentors

These mentors are not matched with an individual student but they work  with one or more students as needed in a group learning setting.  Can be a great way to start if you are unfamiliar with the student dynamics, then move on to 1:1 mentoring!

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Why become a Mentor?

  • Give back to your community

  • Learn about people that may be different than you

  • Share your knowledge, experience (and patience)

  • It feels good!

Steps to Becoming an Oakland Serves Mentor

Steps to Becoming an Oakland Serves Mentor

Can't mentor but still want to help?

You can still join our team!

Volunteers needed to help:

  • support our mentors

  • fundraising and event planning

  • general administrative tasks

Contact us at

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