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You Can Make A Difference

Mentor A HIgh School Student !

What does an Oakland Serves Mentor do?

Our mentors work once a week in a classroom with students that need extra support.  We work in both regular classrooms and in academic recovery classes and support a varietyThese mentors are not matched with an individual student but they work  with one or more students as needed in a group learning setting.  Click here to see our current needs.

We also support 1:1 mentoring for students that have been identified by the school as potentially benefitting from targeted support. 

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Why become a Mentor?

  • Give back to your community

  • Learn about people that may be different than you

  • Share your knowledge, experience (and patience)

  • It feels good!

Steps to Becoming an Oakland Serves Mentor

Or contact: to learn more

Steps to Becoming an Oakland Serves Mentor

Can't mentor but still want to help?

You can still join our team!

Volunteers needed to help:

  • support our mentors

  • fundraising and event planning

  • general administrative tasks

Contact us at

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